Sunday, February 9, 2014

Birthday Party!!

I love birthdays!  Growing up we didn't have elaborate birthdays or traditions but that day was always very special.  We chose our dinner and cake and ice cream and always had at least one present to open.  We rarely had parties that I remember but it didn't matter because my parents made our family birthdays wonderful.

But this year, her first in school full time, Megan has friends!  She talks about girls at school all the time and of course has her friends at church.  With the approaching chaos of Aaron's birth, I decided to throw Megan a party and even after her list of girls went to 16 I said ok.  How can I deny all her friends?  Although I was secretly hoping that not everyone would show up because that's a lot of little girls!  We ended up with about 13 total and so for 2 hours yesterday it was chaotic and LOUD but everyone seemed to get along, I had a good number of structured activities and some free play time -- and I think everyone went home happy!!

First of all, Megan wanted a Frozen themed party.  I was initially very excited about this thinking that we could spend most of the party watching the movie!  But it doesn't come out until the 18th of March so then I had to get creative.  All the Frozen themed parties online involved a lot of purchasing of Frozen merchandise which I was not about to do so we had to get creative.

The cake.  I am not a decorator!  But Megan and all the girls loved the cake.  Six-year olds are not picky thank goodness!  Just a simple, double layer round cake with white icing on the bottom and blue on the top.  I did buy Frozen figurines to go on the top and then made snowflakes out of piping royal icing.  That wasn't too hard except for being so thin that only half actually made it to the cake in one piece!  Good thing about having a big party?  No cake left over!  Although there's still plenty of ice cream . . . 

I saw the idea for the tulle tied onto a string of lights on Pinterest and added the snowflakes for a very festive garland that just might have to stay up for a few weeks more!  The white snowflakes are from our Christmas tree and the blue and silver are ones that I got completely lucky and found on clearance at Walmart.  Plastic ornaments!  I didn't think it would be difficult to find snow related leftovers from Christmas but it was.

The living room was draped with Dollar store crepe paper, paper snowflakes I've been cutting for weeks (weeks!!!) and a "chandelier" in the center with more of the blue and white snowflakes.  Very cute.

Megan loved the decorations although she did ask me if we could paint the walls blue.  Apparently it just wasn't quite a enough . . . 

So what do you do with 13 5 and 6 year olds for games?  Especially non-competitive ones?  Oh my.
We started with ice painting.
Paint on black paper with salt water -- equal parts Epsom salt and hot water (to dissolve it).  Or more Epsom than water works a little better.  When it dries the salt crystallizes and looks like ice.  It actually is really cool.

Then pin the carrot on the Olaf (thank goodness for Chopper who is an amazing artist and did a fantastic Olaf on posterboard for me!!) 

Megan went first and got it exactly right.  She says she didn't peek but I have my doubts!

Then on "making snowmen" which involved wrapping each other up in toilet paper and putting on hats and scarves.  Apparently I need to buy better toilet paper because it kept breaking but the kids had fun with it and then threw the leftovers at each other.  Always good to have a snowball fight! 

Sorry, I was trying to get a picture of Megan's friend and she completely photobombed it and when I checked the picture she apparently also had a wedgie.  I had to post it because it's funny!

Back to the table for coloring Frozen pictures which was actually really good for keeping them occupied while Megan opened presents.

We always say that presents are necessary.  I know they're fun but Megan has a hard time in the spotlight and isn't usually very gracious when opening presents (but mommy I already have one of those!).  Of course she is 6.  But I appreciate the thought of those who do buy her presents and I always just pray that they will be understanding.  She really is thankful and excited, it just usually doesn't come out until everyone leaves.

Me probably giving the gratitude/happy talk.

Then it was play time and dress up time and spend some time outdoors (yesterday was pretty nice, today back to ick) and I got to know some of the moms of Megan's friends which was awesome for me!  Her friends from school that came were all very sweet and had nice parents (moms) as well.  It makes me happy.

And then home!  We were planning on making bracelets but things ran wild towards the end so I just sent the beads and ribbon home with the girls.  And their ice pictures.  No other goodie bags -- after all they just had cake and ice cream right before dinner!!  

I think it went well though!  Megan says she liked it and the chaos was not bad -- just busy.  But I was sore and exhausted by the end!  Chopper and I went for a late dinner date afterwards to "celebrate" and talk about stuff.  Dinner dates are my favorite dates lately even though I still cook something for the kids before we go.  It is WONDERFUL to have food served to me and spend time talking to Chopper that doesn't involve kid interruptions and my frustration and growing anger over fixing yet another meal that the kids don't eat.  Picky eating in this house is rampant and drives me crazy.  But that's another rant for another time.

Megan is 6!!  She is sweet and kind, shares willingly and is creative and artistic.  She wants to "dress" me every morning, choose my jewelry and makeup (what little I have), gets along with Abby a good portion of the time and loves William and Aaron (in the tummy) to pieces.  She is a good student learning by leaps and bounds and although she still has her quirks about crowds and spotlight and people she is overcoming so many of her fears and anxieties.  I've flipped through her baby book this week and love to see how far she has come and yet what still remains of that adorable, chubby baby that came home with us in Montana in the snow.  I'm grateful for the daughter that she is, the relationship we are developing, and am excited to see her future!!

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