Saturday, September 14, 2013

Clotheshorse (x3)

Abby just came up to me crying "I didn't have a good day!!"  And when I asked her why, Megan replied, "because she went to get ice cream that way" and pointed at her clothes.  She's wearing a tiger costume complete with tail.  Chopper said she was a hit at the store with all the women and I can't blame them, she is super cute.

But all of my children are clothing obsessed.

Megan loves shoes.  Particularly adult women's shoes that I don't wear.  We are very rarely at the mall but went today for a birthday party and did some shoe shopping after.  I was looking for a comfortable pair of flats to go with all of my incredibly comfortable maxi dresses and she kept pulling out high stiletto heels and anything with glitter or spikes or jewels on them.  I tried them on, but didn't buy them.  I think it's disappointing to her.  But both girls are very good about complimenting me on my wardrobe when they like what I'm wearing.  Which is mostly when I'm dressed up for church!!

Abby started gymnastics last Monday but has been wearing her leotard and rainbow leopard print shorts pretty much every day.  Except today with the tiger outfit.  We still have oodles and oodles of dress up dresses for all the princesses but lately it's all about the animal print.

She also is slowly taking over all of everyone else's clothes!  These are some of my maternity pants of course and she tried to wear William's onesie the other day and was pretty upset when I made her take it off. 

Despite being a boy, William is also obsessed.  Although in a slightly different way.  He never took a pacifier or sucked his thumb but loves to put fabric against his mouth and do this funny thing with his lips and tongue.  He's not really sucking on it or chewing on it -- I can't explain it.  He particularly likes knits and so I frequently find him on the floor like this:
Now that I'm leaving the kids a lot more with friends to be babysat (so many doctor's appointments!), I'm leaving a little knit blanket with him as well and so far the report is that once he realizes I'm gone, it helps a great deal.

This is just a beautiful sunrise from the other morning.  I am glad that as much as they love clothes, Megan does not agonize over what to wear to school.  She knows what she likes and gets dressed pretty quickly.  Of course that means a silver sequin skirt paired with a pumpkin shirt or several shades of blue and socks pulled up to her knees but hey, she's an artist right? 

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