Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Growing and Growing and Growing

That probably seems like an odd title for a day at the park but if you know Megan, you know that this is incredible progress for her! A woman in my parents branch with young children invited us last week to go to a park with her. So far, the parks have not been that great, but this one blew my socks off. We went back yesterday with Grandma and took pictures because I have been so impressed. It is wonderful for young kids but I think it would also be fun for older kids. They have this gigantic wooden playplace like a castle but there are no open walls, even up high, all the steps are wide and shallow, the slides are slow, and the entire place is enclosed by a fence so that there is one way in and one way out. Megan rode in a swing for the first time in her life without screaming. She also finally went down slides -- even the big ones! -- after a month's break due to a sliding incident at a friend's house. She's a very cautious child -- I do hope that stays into her teenage years though! I really really hope that we can find something like this close to where we'll be living in Texas.

Can you believe this girl????? Being here has been soooo good for Megan -- climbing stairs every day, running around outside and in the garden, adjusting to unfamiliar situations. It's made me really rethink how I need to be as a parent. I tend to be low energy myself and direct Megan towards quieter activities but I think I need to liven up and give her more exposure to new things and active fun things. She obviously is benefitting from it!

On the other hand, this is my brother Danny, his wife Denise, and their new adorable son Liam. From the reports I hear, they won't have any problems being active with him and he's barely 2 weeks old! I had to request some pictures of him with my quilt. That way even if he never uses it again, I've got some proof that he loved it for 5 minutes!!

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