Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I now know why they call it that -- because it's too much like real dating only instead of looking for a spouse, you're looking for people to trust your kids with and that's practically the same thing! Seriously, you spend time getting to know parents and children to make sure that it's ok for your kids to spend time with them.

I think I've found a good one.

I've been going to Mother Goose time at the library and met a girl (woman? -- she's my age but honestly, when do you start thinking of yourself as a woman) who has a daughter just a month younger than Megan (who walks -- oh yeah, they all walk) and it's her first as well which is kind've a bonus because we're in the same boat. As I've talked to her over several weeks there I've discovered she also grew up in Winchester (graduated from Handley High -- pretty bit rivals), her husband was in the Air Force, she taught school (elementary, it still counts) and it took them several years to get pregnant as well. And she's Christian which is a bonus (good values) and we really get along! I'm very very excited because it not only means a friend for Megan but a friend for me!

So we had a playdate today at our apartment complex pool which is really nice. No pool pictures because it was Megan's first time and I didn't know if she's freak out if I walked away to get the camera but I did take one of the swimsuit before we left. I think this is the only age where it's cute to have fat rolls hanging out of of the swimsuit and yet so many people do . . .

Ok that was kind've rude. Megan is also starting to crawl conventionally (I think I win because she is now 17 months -- do you know how many people tell me their child FINALLY started crawling and then when I ask -- oh, 10 months -- come on people!) and she is such a girl. She puts on her own headbands (and throws amazing tantrums when she can't get it right - she is SOOO my daughter), applies chapstick (I'm not kidding), hugs and kisses and feeds her stuffed animals, and brushes the hair out of my face when we've been playing. I don't even need a boy to see the differences! But one would be nice eventually.

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