Monday, June 29, 2009


Chopper has lived in this area since he was ten and I spent a few years here in college and it is amazing to me what we have not seen. We've been really exploring and this past weekend went to a "park" in Richmond called Maymont that was a really neat place.

Maymont is actually an estate that was left as a park when the owners died since they had no children. The mansion was gorgeous and decked out in gilded age furniture and decor. The owners were of course wealthy Richmond socialites and nearly everything in the house is what they bought and furnished instead of reproductions or borrowed items.
They wouldn't allow pictures of the inside but they have some on their website It is worth looking at!
On the other end of the park was a Children's Farm with buffalo (in Virginia!) bear, birds of prey and of course your obligatory petting farm goats. Megan laughed when he licked her feet and then decided goat spit wasn't so fun after all!

They have beautiful Italian and Japanese gardens with a waterfall and a grotto and a small lake (pond I guess) and it was just a gorgeous day. If you're ever down there for the day, you might have to check it out.

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