Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So yesterday Chopper stayed home from work. Government declared a two-hour delay and liberal leave and we got about 3-5" (I don't measure people!) and he was worried about the roads and, more importantly, idiot drivers.

Today it is clear, sunny, and the roads are nice and dry. Chopper got side-swiped by some guy on the way to work this morning.

I swear.

So I took this picture of the snow -- it is the first major snow Virginia has had this year (this area anyway) and I know my friends in Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska are laughing their heads off because of how this cripples the area. By the way, public schools were closed yesterday AND TODAY because of the snow. All you little darlings at Highland High School -- don't you wish? Actually, when I taught there, I wished too. Snow days are mental necessities.

Oh, and the red car on the left is my "new" one. I kind've feel cool driving a red SUV around . . .

Oh and I'd like to welcome my sister-in-law Emily to the blogging world -- It's nice to have you on the dark side.

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M.J. & Kids said...

Thank you! I appreciate it. It's kind of fun. Like keeping a journal the whole world can read..LOL! I'd better watch what I say...hee heee. I can't believe Chop was side swiped. That's horrible. Did he get the guys info? I hope he's okay. Oh, BTW, school is closed for tomorrow too. LOL...sometimes it just seems pathetic.