Monday, March 16, 2009


Megan is utterly fascinated with bubbles. She likes to look at them but it's taken a long time to get her to touch them. The first time I put her in a bubble bath she cried and to this day she goes in with her arms up and takes a few minutes to get comfortable. Last night we gave her one because we got some new bubbles and wanted to try them out. We didn't realize how much they were going to produce! Plus, they were perfumed and it's funny but in the last few months I've developed a sensitivity to perfume and chemical smells that really bothers me so it looks like bubble baths will be dad's area of expertise.

This is the dress! I'm going to add a flower to the waistband but it's done and adorable. I'm so excited for Easter! By the way, if any of ya'll sew and want a pattern I'll send it to you. I never cut my patterns out, I always trace onto tissue paper and then cut that out so that I can reuse a pattern in a different size. But patterns are expensive and while Joann Fabrics has great sales, there should be some kind of pattern exchange out there to swap them around and stuff. Just a thought.


Alicia said...

That dress is SO adorable. I absolutely LOVE it! And Megan is adorable too! You better take pictures of her in the dress at Easter.

Kate F. said...

What a precious dress! Love it!! (Now wishing I had a little girl to dress up...)