Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dr. Carter wasn't at the ER :(

Well we had our first trip to the ER for a child. And it was a joy, let me tell you!
Megan had black stools (usually an indication of blood) and of course it was after hours. The visit can be summed up quite simply:

*Infants get nearly immediate care (no blood in stool -- yay!)
*Ankle ID bracelets provide hours of entertainment (literally -- waiting for blood work results is a pain)

So despite the fact that she was fine, it took them about 4 hours to verify it and send us home. But I need to be counting my blessings that she WAS fine. And I have a whole new appreciation for moms who see the hospital frequently for one reason or another -- you're made out of stronger stuff than I am!

Oh yeah, I got called as the ward Primary President. Chopper's "calling" is to take care of Megan since she's not in nursery yet so I can do my calling. He's quite happy about that.

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Alicia said...

Wow! What a calling! I just got put in as 2nd counselor in the Primary and I am enjoying it. Good luck! And we are all glad that Megan is okay.