Friday, April 21, 2017

It was a COLD Easter

I haven't really minded the cold weather honestly.  But then we were teased with warm weather and flowers, flowers everywhere!!  Our yard has erupted with daffodils and tulips and a bright yellow forsythia in the corner.  I love forsythia.  And then there was this.

Of course the kids were so excited that we got SNOW again although it was disappointing that we didn't have any school delays.  It didn't stay around too long but it has continued to be cold and I don't like it -- not after thinking that warmth was on the way!!!

Surprisingly things seemed to survive the cold pretty well, but this morning there was frost and most of my tulips are now droopy and sad.  

Easter ended up being pretty low key.  We didn't even do an egg hunt and the kids are still asking for one.  I might have to this weekend just because.  I've collected quite a few painted eggs and even a few that are glass and porcelain.  I love them so much!  Eggs hanging from branches and trees is my new favorite German tradition and one I intend to continue when we move back to the states eventually.

We did of course dye hard boiled eggs for ourselves.  They NEVER get eaten but this year I left breakfast the next morning unsupervised and William made a really good dent in destroying, sorry eating, all those hard boiled eggs.  I can't say that I'm sorry.  And then I feel guilty for such a blatant waste of food!!

This was a delightful sponge cake with homemade whipped cream frosting and berries.  So good and perfect for Easter!

My girls didn't want new dresses for Easter Sunday -- they never do.  And William refuses to wear a tie or a vest so what's the point?  Instead, Abby and I were dirndl twins.  I finally made myself a dirndl blouse that doesn't show cleavage or shoulders (because seriously, they all do) and I think we turned out to be quite the pretty pair!

I'm trying to shop more at German stores -- the commissary on base is expensive but they do carry things that I use in my cooking that the German stores don't have.  Inevitably when I come home I've also brought wonderful bread.  But I have to watch out for William - he loves it at much as I do.

I think I neglected to post this picture from Prague - Abby making a wish on St. what's his name.  The tradition is that if you touch his plaque and make a wish it will come true.  After Abby made her wish, we walked away and said "it didn't come true.  My wishes never come true!"  When I asked her, she said she wished the world was made out of candy.  So we had a talk about wishes and how they're really not real and also about how the world will probably never be made out of candy . . . poor girl.

I'm very excited because in about a month my parents will be here!!!  My dad is coming for a little over a week and my mom will be here for 3.  That first week is packed full of adventures including a trip back to Prague and one out to the Rhine river!!  We're all looking forward to it!

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