Saturday, April 1, 2017

Abby Doodles Turns 7!!

We are one year away from baptism people!!  ONE YEAR.  Seven years old is just crazy.  Especially since she put on her 5T shorts today and THEY STILL FIT.  That might be crazier.  

Anyway, even though her birthday was on a Tuesday, we celebrated the Saturday before so that she would have more time with her toys (always a good choice).  We haven't done anything big for birthdays this year -- no parties, no special trips.  But the kids love it anyway.

We did get out and play at the park and then she requested McDonald's for dinner so we picked that up.  Then we had chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream for birthday dessert.  NO LIE.  
On the day of she asked me to come to lunch with her at school.  It's always fun to see them interact with their friends.  She is herself of course -- animated, joking, stealing chips.  They have about a 20 minute lunch which I thought was crazy but the kids are used to it and I guess it works!!  Then I went back later in the day with cupcakes for the class -- chocolate again but this time with homemade whipped cream frosting -- which is my new favorite and so much better than store bought.

Oh this is adorable -- earlier in the week she had a "dress as a book character" day.  Initially she wanted to go as Pete the Cat but when we unearthed this dress that had been packed away, she decided fancy Nancy instead and it was awesome!  We rag-curled her hair and it was great!

Birthday presents!  She loves things like fans and jewelry and stuff.

In addition to toys, she requested a purple swimsuit.  I'm honestly always happy to comply with those kinds of gifts!

Grandma Gasser sent her a bunch of cute stuff for her doll including glasses!!  They now look the same and she loves it!

She makes her birthday wishes out loud which is fine with me because I love to hear them.  This year she wished that everyone could be happy in the world!

Oh I stayed for lunch with Megan too and she SMILED for the camera.  Love it.

Abby.  Oh my sweet Abby.  She continues to be as cuddly as ever and is still sucking her thumb.  She is missing her 4 front teeth although her top ones are coming in nicely.  The canines to each side are starting to get wiggly.  She's taken to her glasses pretty well.  She sometimes has to be reminded to wear them but once they're on she doesn't lose them and hasn't broken them.  She's doing well in school.  She's not quite to reading chapter books but is in the leveled readers and does a nice job although she is very easily frustrated.  She is so animated and dramatic.  Her class just recently performed some pieces for a reader's theater at school and she practiced both pieces at home with a lot of dramatic flair.  It's so much fun to watch.  She is so thoughtful of others, always sharing or giving and pointing things out (at least to me) that people would like -- in other words, she makes sure that I see the organs in the churches we visit (because I love them) and was so excited to go see Beauty and the Beast because it's one of my favorite movies.  She LOVES to pose for pictures (especially when there's statuary and stuff involved that she can pose with) but hands down her favorite thing to do at home is watch movies.  And if she asks for tablet time, it's to watch Netflix.  She also talks constantly during a show - especially if it's a new one because then she asks questions about what's going to happen, etc.  She still has the original WALL-E (even though I sewed his head on sideways) and 2 backup WALL-Es (which are pretty much ignored in favor of the beat up guy that she is literally loving to pieces!  We love her to pieces!!

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