Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Town

I love the village that we live in.  It's main street isn't perhaps as picturesque as others but it's a great little town.  There are a few smaller grocery stores in walking distance, 2 bakeries (one with ice cream that we actually haven't tried yet!), and the farm vibe as well.  Our street is just behind the main road and we get a lot of tractors and trucks during the day.  The kids love it and they're learning very quickly to be mindful of cars.  Megan and Abby have started riding the bus to school and it's going well.  They don't have yellow school busses of course, these are tour type busses.  Even the German kids ride city busses that run a school route.  So we grab the bus as the city bus stop with several German kids (not on the girls bus) but it's fun to listen and watch.  

Walking to the bus stop, we cross the Vils River.  It's pretty shallow and has long river weeds but you can canoe and they have these flat bottomed boats for touring.  We need to do this sometime.  But it has been beautiful in the mornings, especially when there's fog.

The town church from a distance.

I bought a German sewing machine!!!  So nice to be able to create again!

And Abby FINALLY lost her first teeth.  She was a late tooth bloomer too so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but this is definitely taking a while!  The top two are wiggly as well so I imagine that she'll be all gums before long.

I have gone for a run once (I haven't been able to get the motivation up lately).  The main roads usually have a walking/biking paved path running alongside and one right outside Hahnbach goes by a beautiful field of sunflowers.  Our neighbors invited us to the farm just yesterday and while the kids were picking potatoes (it's a potato farm), I asked her about the random small fields of sunflowers (they have one too).  She said for the personally anyway, they don't harvest the seeds, the sunflower fields are for the bees, that it helps with pollination.  Makes sense and a beautiful way to help nature along!

This is inside St. Jakobus -- the church in Hahnbach.  Perhaps not as ornate as some but still very nice and beautifully painted.

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Alicia said...

My mother had a Pfaff growing up...I guess I assumed that most good sewing machines were German made. Like cars!