Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moved In

Moving out of Cozy and into our house means we haven't had internet for the past nearly 2 weeks.  Even now it's got some issues that need to be fixed but I am not cut off from the world anymore!

Ironically, we haven't had smart phones for very long but already it is strange to live without them.  We become dependent on technology so easily!!

The move went really really well.  In two days we received both our shipments of household goods, plus our small shipment of items we're borrowing from the army (some wardrobes and a washer and dryer).  I HATE HATE living in chaos and boxes so we spent the weekend after the movers arrived unpacking and getting things put away.  The kids rooms looked like a tornado of toys had touched down and I left them that way.  The toys being back was a great distraction!!

Our stuff was delivered on a Thursday and Friday, Saturday we unpacked and then went to the church for the broadcast of the cultural celebration to celebrate the dedication of the Freiberg temple.  We took the kids and treats and made it a little bit of an event!  Sunday, they broadcasted the 3 sessions of the temple dedication to the meetinghouses within the temple district -- our part of Germany, the Czech Republic, some of the Poland and Hungary as well I believe.  Baptized children 8 and up were able to go but in the end we swapped childcare with another couple who has a daughter Megan's age and so she wanted to stay home and play.  I figured that it would be rebellion if she had to go to church while the others stayed home too.  Although I was all for forcing her and Chopper thought she should choose.  In the end, it was really nice to have a church session where I didn't have regulate kids!!  It was a wonderful dedication!!

Then Monday Chopper left to fly to Texas for some job training.  Yep.  Flew to Texas on Monday and arrived home Saturday.  The jet lag for that has not been fun.  The training was in San Antonio so no friend visits either.

Our week without dad was mainly unpacking and the girls' first week riding the bus to and from school!  They didn't want to do it but the busses are not standard school buses, they are nice tourist-type buses and they actually really like riding the bus now!

We've had absolutely beautiful weather these last few weeks -- summer has finally arrived I think!  The house gets warm (no air-conditioning) but cools right down at night and we're wearing jackets to school.  Friday though the temperature is supposed to drop and rain is supposed to arrive, and I think we'll be getting into what fall and winter in Germany are supposed to be.  Fall I'm excited for, winter not so much!!

I know I have pictures to post but I need to upload them -- but we have a home and it's glorious!!!

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