Sunday, July 3, 2016

What happened to June???

In one week from today we will be on an airplane on our way to Germany.  Yes it's really happening. And I'll probably blog more about that later, but I just went through the pictures on my phone and realized that so many things have happened already that I haven't updated on.  My resolve to blog every Sunday at least has not happened and not I have to play catch up for an entire month missed!!

 One last dinner at our favorite burger place -- Twisted Root!!

Some pictures from the awards ceremonies at school.  Both girls received a number of pictures and both girls (yes, even Abby) did not want their pictures taken.  The kindergarten wore graduation hats but they don't really do anything special for kindergarten "graduation" which is fine with me!!

We drove down to the Joint Reserve Base in Ft. Worth one day to get our military IDs, only to find out that that's not what we were supposed to do.  So since we were already that direction, we drove over to Aaron's grave and said good-bye.  I know that it is only his body that rests there, but it was still really hard to think that I won't be back to "see" him for a long long time.

Abby desperately needs a hair cut!!!  We're growing it out for dance though.

It was the week after Memorial Day but the flags were still out.  Someone had put a small flag on Aaron's grave (we still don't know who but not every grave gets them) and the cemetery was beautiful.

On the way home we stopped for a dessert lunch at a Tex-mex restaurant that does chocolate pinatas!!    It was a lot of fun to break but we wished there were more fruit inside believe it or not!  The kids thought it was cool though.

When my mom was here last we planted some herbs and a few veggies -- including a cherry tomato plant.  We have gotten a pretty good harvest and not too many have been eaten by the rabbits.  Abby doesn't like tomatoes but she has been thrilled to discover and pick them every few days.  We also have a pepper plant that has so far produced one pepper!

I took a girl's night out with some wonderful ladies to see a Jane Austen movie, Love and Friendship, that was just ok.  And then Chopper and I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at home which was surprisingly good!!!

Ahh the hair.  Abby's hair had to be completely off her face and in a bun for her dance recital.  so I've been letting it grow into a shaggy mess and then another mom showed me how to do a sock bun.  I love her face and wish she would grow out her bangs so we could see it more -- she looks like such a different person!!  I posted pictures on Facebook and people didn't realize at first that it was Abby!!

No cameras allowed at the actual recital so I went picture crazy with her dress rehearsals at the studio.  These are some of my favorites.

This girl did so well on stage -- no stage fright at all!!  A dance recital is a lot more work than I realized and she was happy to be done but I have to admit that I loved seeing her all dressed up and dancing!  We bought her flowers afterwards and I do have some good pictures of her on my camera as well, I just need to find them . . . 
We took the whole family and Megan and William actually really enjoyed it!!!

Everyone wanted to be in the pictures that we thought were just going to be Chopper and Abby and I was fine with that!  I kept this one in because I love William's face in it!

 Remember how I said she was a mop-head?  Literally the afternoon after the recital, I took her to get it chopped off.

 This girl has cowlicks and just enough curve in her hair to make it a mess when it's longer and of course she doesn't want me to style it or even brush it!  It does a lot better when it's shorter and she look's super cute!

Ok I'll do another post later -- but this is the start to a busy summer!

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Alicia said...

I love your goal to blog every Sunday. Great one. I am catching up on a whole month as well. We are finally settled in our new home. I can't wait to see what adventures you have in Germany! I'm praying that the rest of your flights go well today!