Sunday, July 17, 2016

More pictures

Because we don't have driver's licenses or a CAR yet, we've been walking everywhere.  Although the kids have not really enjoyed walking and are very slow.  Fortunately, our apartment is a short distance to the Commissary and PX (grocery store and Walmart-type store) on base and also a short distance off base from several German grocery stores, restaurants, a park, and the central town market.  There are so many side streets I want to explore but William especially has been a screaming mess when we go anywhere.  We tried to buy an umbrella stroller today at the PX and they didn't have any and I almost cried.  I know he doesn't get it and he says he wants to go home nearly every day but the screaming and crying is wearing on my nerves big time and I just don't know what to do about it.

Anyway, I'm feeling low today.  But it's only been a week -- less actually -- and things are really good for what they are.  I can't complain.  And everything is beautiful!

I just love the architecture.  The village we're in isn't perhaps super old - 1700s I think which is really only young in Europe!  But everything does have that European feel -- it's true.

A little better view of the Rathaus (town hall) which is a building that's in use.  I'd love to see the insides of these places but it was a Friday night and everything was closed.  Things close early and they certainly don't keep hours for the tourists/visitors!!  And I don't mind that -- I just need to remember it!

This is the tower that gives Tower Barracks it's name (the Graf base).  There was a sign that said it's a water tower that was built in the early 1900s in the Swiss romantic style.  I don't know where the water containment would be, it's certainly not like the water towers in Texas!!  The entire base is done in the European style and I like that.  But it is also nice to shop among things that are familiar and brands that I'm comfortable with while we get used to things that are not.

When we get a house it will be off-base which I'm totally fine with.  We have a few people in the ward who are going to be moving out and so we're going to start with their houses and see if we like and want any of them -- that would be the easiest thing.  We can also work with a local realtor and the housing office on base.  My goal is to either be in a home or know where we're going to be when school starts so that the kids can start at the right elementary school and not have to switch a few weeks in.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  There is not really an excess of housing here so it could take a while to find something.

The other thing we're both working on is studying for the driving test and finding a 2nd car that can accommodate our family until the van arrives.  Because we are military people (even as civilians), we have to have a military driving license.  Tourists/visitors can just get an international license from AAA if they want to drive in Europe but since the government is basically responsible for us, we have to have their license.  Germany drives on the right and the cars have the steering wheel on the left like American cars but they do operate in kilometers and road signs and of course some laws are different.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around them.  Another thing to make flashcards for I guess!!

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