Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Christmas Update

So my new goal needs to be to update the blog every Sunday.  That way things are relatively up to date!!

My brother Jeff took a lot of pictures over Christmas with his very nice camera and sent them to each of us.  I wanted to include them here before I slurp my blog and edit it into book format.  And then I discovered some on my phone that I wanted to include too -- so those first, they're not as good.

 We went downtown and into some kind of park that was mostly metal sculpture and was obviously set up for lights at night.  I think that this was our only sunny day in Columbus and we made the most of it! 

Ok so my two youngest brothers are single and I admit that we give them a harder time about it than we should.  But for vacation purposes it was awesome!!  They don't have a spouse or kids to take their attention and so they have extra for MY kids!!!  But all selfishness aside, my kids love ALL their uncles and were really excited to have them to play with and get shoulder rides and stuff.  They did get them confused a lot (which one is Jeff and which one James???) and William started saying "Where's Uncle Jeff?  And more Uncle Jeff?" because he just couldn't be bothered to remember I guess.  But we had a great time with them.

Yeah James is the chef but I took this picture of Jeff to show to all the single ladies . . . :)

I can't decide if James is giving mom tips or the other way around . . .

I love these two!!  The kids never smile like this for me! 

We ate one day at a deli in the German town area of Columbus.  The food was good but I'm sorry to say it was overpriced.  

I've said it before but Abby loves to pose with statues!  And it cracks me up.

 These two I particularly like because her eyes are so clear.  She has really beautiful brown eyes!

 These are a few more pictures from Hocking Hills State Park.  It was misty and wet and cool that day and really beautiful.

This might be my favorite picture of the whole bunch!

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