Monday, January 25, 2016

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam!!!

For the last 6 months of 2015, there was a substitute in nursery that William adored -- Brother Fisher played dodgeball and wrestled and tickled.  William would take off after sacrament meeting to either find him or go straight to nursery at a dead run.  Needless to say, Chopper and I were a little worried about how he would adjust to primary.  The primary presidency did bring the kids in for sharing time for pretty much the month of December and he either wanted to sit with me or one of the girls.

Well we're 4 weeks in and I think he's gotten used to it.  Every other week he has CRIED when I've taken him past the nursery rooms and on to primary.  He's had to take his blankets and he hasn't wanted me to leave him.  His Sunbeam teachers are awesome and when I've peeked in at him during class time William's been happy and participating.

Yesterday was awesome!!  After sacrament he wanted me to go with him but he went right by the nursery and on to the primary room with no pouting or tears.  He got to sit up front because he was saying the opening prayer.  He stood at the podium and put his mouth RIGHT NEXT to the microphone and said the LOUDEST prayer I've heard from a kid.  But he started it himself without any prompting and was mostly clear.  A couple of the kids started to giggle and I ALMOST STARTED TO LAUGH because it was awesome and he was loud but he did it fantastically and we were very happy. 

Then he went back to his seat beaming and waved when Chopper and I left.

He's definitely a Sunbeam now!

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Alicia said...

Way to go William!