Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Rest of It

Ok pictures from my phone from the trip and a few others.  I've found that pictures from my phone are fine on the blog but when I print them in the book they are really small in order not to destroy the resolution.  But more and more I tend to take pictures on my phone and I suppose I need to find a better way.

So here's everyone in the process of digging.

And William just because.

This is the smallest church EVER and the picture just does not convey that.  It's the home to the Hope, Arkansas branch and we actually were able to talk to the owner of the car in the picture.  She had to have been the president of one of the auxiliaries (church clothes on a Saturday at the church -- dead giveaway) and was very friendly.  She said their branch has 20-25 on a given Sunday.  So tiny!!

The train station across from the burger restaurant.  Apparently it is a working train depot although most of it is dedicated to Bill Clinton and houses a sort've museum for him.  He was born in Hope apparently.

A great old car in front of Tailgaters.

My little tree huggers.  Chopper and I aren't the only ones who miss the east coast!

This is a shot of our new baby cousin Remi on her quilt.  I always make it a requirement that the babies have pictures with their quilts and she is a doll!

This quilt I have to share too.  My friend Bente is in the hospital as we speak undergoing chemotherapy for MS, not for cancer.  Apparently they've had good success with killing your immune system and then starting it up again.  5-10 years on average with no MS symptoms.  Her great-grandmother had started a double wedding ring and the blocks came to Bente.  I've been helping her put it together for her hospital stay the past 2 weeks and it was a bear of a quilt but finally turned out beautifully!!

Finally, it's been raining pretty much nonstop in Texas.  We've had no spring because of it.  The flooding in Dallas hasn't been nearly as bad as Houston but it's been a lot regardless.  This is our park's amphitheater.  It's on the lake, or was.  Now it's under the lake.  This picture is actually a few days old -- all the seating is now covered.  Our home is in an area where we shouldn't have to evacuate but we'll see if the rains continue to come.  

Chopper says since we've lived in Texas we've been through the worst winter, worst summer, and worst rain in a very long time period.  Yay for us??? 

Also, the BEST internet posting about this has said -- it's been raining in Texas since Blue Bell (the best ice cream ever that originates out of Brenham, Texas) was pulled off the shelves because God is crying.

That's how Texans feel about their Blue Bell by the way.

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