Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In 10 Minutes

I can get this blog updated before I need to leave to pick up Megan from school.  Maybe.  Here goes:

The summer went by really really fast and Megan started school on Monday.  Of course it's still 100 degrees in the afternoons so they beg to go to the pool after school every day but our routine is back to school time and it almost feels like we never stopped.  Sometimes I hate having to walk to and from school every day and sometimes I love it.  I particularly hate it though when both William and Abby are sleeping and I have to wake them up.  But I can't leave them here!!  Although I admit to being mightily tempted!!

William still steals the girls shoes and socks whenever he gets a chance!

We've begun having the kids take more responsibility on chores and household jobs -- it's my fault, I'm terrible at it!!  So they're keeping a chore chart and earning an allowance.  The allowance part is mostly to help them learn about money because neither one of them has any clue and it's about time they did!!  Megan actually really loves doing the dishes and both girls like actual chores.  They say that they are things they need to learn in order to be mommies.  But don't worry, cleaning up toys and cleaning their room is still a nightmare so they're still normal kids! 

We spent a hot morning at the Arboretum chasing birds and having fun in their new(ish) Children's garden.  We were hot hot hot though and happy to come home after about 2 1/2 hours. 

It's hard to tell in the picture but this is a huge mosaic on the ground that looks like a galaxy or star or something space-y.  It's pretty cool.

It's a really good children's garden, especially if your kids are a little older and do the experiments and things that are all over.  We just played.

These were fun tiles that made music when you walked on them:

This is a really long video that Megan made.  I showed her how to use the video function on the camera and I deleted most of what she did but this one cracks me up and also gets Abby in on the game.  And I love that because she's behind the camera you can hear her voice so clearly and there's no shyness there!

First day of school!  So far it's going well although they're tired of course.

Also today I had William evaluated by a speech therapist.  She says he's fine and that his language will come in time.  She gave me really good information about what to expect with sounds at each age which is much better than going to the doctor for well-child visits and having them say, "does he have 25 words?" Uh no.  He has five.  Maybe.  But when the therapist showed me her chart, he's right on track as far as sounds go so I guess the words will come in time.  I was just hoping to have a way for the screaming to end sooner but I guess not.  Oh well.

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