Sunday, July 13, 2014

William turns 2!!!

Yesterday was William's second birthday!

He already acted like a 2 year old so it's only appropriate that he now has the label!  We decided in the interest of sanity to do presents after breakfast and cake after lunch instead of waiting until after dinner for the whole thing! 

 William got a lot of help ripping through presents and was very excited about trucks and his basketball standard.

He's definitely left-handed so we're pushing the sports!  Maybe he'll be fantastic and support us in our old age!

Chopper had to get out some tools for assembly and so he also took advantage of that and "fixed" a few things.

I completely stole the cake idea from a friend although she did a much better job with chocolate fondant and I can't remember what else.  I just smeared on a frosting "2" and then piped some shrubbery (because can you really call that grass?).  William was just excited about cars on cake.  What could be better!!!!

And he ate 3 pieces I think.  At least 2 and then some.

I think the biggest problem was the screaming when the girls tried to play with his toys.  He had a rough day protecting his treasure.

Today I decided I wanted to take a picture of the kids all dressed up. 

And try one as a family.  It looks good!!

Then, this has been on my mind for some reason, I decided I wanted a picture of the kids with a picture of Aaron.  It's the only picture I'll get get of them all together and I wanted to do it now while they're all in a row (so to speak).  So we tried a few. 

I love William's pirate face from the sun.

The girls are sporting brand new dresses sort've.  A friend of mine gave me a big bag of hand-me-downs and the girls were completely thrilled with their new acquisitions.  I am too!  I love hand-me-downs!!

William's 2-year check is on Wednesday and I expect her to start the ball rolling for speech therapy because he's just not saying anything.  Well, anything understandable.  He can get his point across but it usually involves plenty of screaming and throwing things while he works out his frustrations of not being understood.  I also have some fun videos I want to post but I didn't love the quality of posting directly to blogger so I'll go through YouTube and then post them here and that will probably take a while.  But it's something to look forward to right?

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Alicia said...

Melynn didn't talk before two, almost no sounds even. I started getting worried but our pediatrician wasn't. Something kind of turned on in her head in between two and three and she basically caught up. She still struggles with her r's (at five) but that is also normal. Hope it all goes well.

With Tucker I actually used some sign language (never did that with the other ones) and it was helpful.