Sunday, June 26, 2011

She's Standing Up!

I remember when Megan finally started walking that there were a few shaky days and then she just took off.    Looks like we're in for more of the same!

This morning Abby's sitting in my lap while we read and just stands up!  No hands, just straight from sitting to standing.  She held it for a few seconds and then was done.  After church she started doing it again and got a big kick out of all the attention and applause that came with it.  She's now stood up so many times today that she can hold it for almost a minute AND clap.  I guess practice does make perfect!

Well of course Megan doesn't want to be left out, particularly where there is praise involved.  She got the idea that if she helped Abby with her walking, well then she gets kudos as a great big sister.  It hasn't all been fun and games though -- she doesn't understand that when Abby starts to go down, you need to let go.  We've had a few wrenched arms and hard landings.  But overall, it's working well!
Walking may not be too far away!  Good thing too.  Apparently their 10 month old cousin is already taking steps.  Darn that Liam!  We'll love you anyway.

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