Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resolution Number One

I think my most favorite thing from The Happiness Project is Rubin's saying "the days are long but the years are short".  How true is that?  I see to have been so bogged down in long days lately -- always looking for the next thing to make time go by faster.  I know now that part of that is somewhat chronic fatigue that I'm having taken care of, but part of it is also my attitude.  

So my first resolution for my own happiness is to enjoy my children more.  That means that I often think to myself "the days are long but the years are short".  It's really come in handy lately actually.  First of all, Abby has been so clingy she screams if I put her down.  I keep telling myself that it's not going to be too much longer before she's too big to carry around AND she won't want to be!  And Megan -- well Megan is still three-years old, and had her mouth washed out with soap for the first time today.  I'm not sure if I want to write down the whole story here and save it for posterity but as a milestone -- there it is!  And I think to myself -- the years are short, this will end soon.  And then I remember that there are teenager years ahead . . . I need to stock up on soap!

Anyway, as part of enjoying my children more, today we made Bunny Buns from The Friend magazine.  They turned out really nice!  It's a basic bread dough with a hint of orange and sweet glaze.  We had a good time.
This was Abby's first experience "standing on a chair" and she took full advantage.  Can you see how the end of that dough near her is pulled and has a big hole in it?  That would be because I turned around for a second and when I turned back she had the whole end in her mouth!
 And then she needs her rest -- don't worry, I only let my children help (and taste and poke and lay on the food) when it's just for us.  I run a cleaner operation when it's for other people!!

This is sweet to me because it looks like they're working together and Megan is showing Abby how to do something.  She's not, she's just getting her own taste!
And one for me.  Abby loves to feed me.  But I draw the line at raw bread dough.  And certain other delightful offerings that only a 1 year old can give.

Don't you love her wings?  We're just starting into the I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-her-hair-because-it's-growing phase.

 I took a picture of Megan that turned out funny and when she saw it she asked for another one.  This is what she gave me.  Deliberately.  If any of you know my brother Jeff, you know that that is something he would do -- be goofy on purpose.  It made me laugh and think of him.

My resolution is working!


Anonymous said...

Kristy, meaning to post a comment for months but didnt' know how and had to have daughter show me. Have been following your lemonade blog... and after reading about the "poe tree", I went to school and made myself a banana tree for my global perspectives class and put our Econmics vocab (the banana trade) on yellow bananas in bunches..It was a hit...Keep writing and I will keep reading and stealing ideas! Vickie Wilde

aidanjordan said...

I know exectly how you feel! I was just telling my mom I need to set aside some time each week to prepare all the activities for the next week. You have to just move from activity to activity with kids this age or they get bored and make huge messes (like pour baby powder everywhere)!

A cute activity my friend just did with her kids was buy cheap flower pots, silk flowers from Dollar Tree, then used dried black beans as the dirt and let them make flower arrangements. So cute!