Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Free Time

Other than exploring Dallas, I've been getting my household routine down and doing lots of projects. This is what happens when I don't have friends or a church calling -- I can read, craft, and quilt!

So of everything that needs to be decorated in my first house, what's the most important? Megan's room of course! After all, I've only been dreaming and scheming about this since before I was even pregnant with her. It's still somewhat of a work in process but I had to show what's been done because I love love love where it's going. And I justify doing her room first by telling myself that I only have so much time before she starts deciding how she wants her room decorated so . . .

Still using my old dresser of course -- why not? The ribbon board on the right is a great, EASY, quick craft from FamilyFun magazine (love that thing!).
Remember the tree that Chopper painted? He added a few purple leaves for pop and then I started adding birds. I found one I liked online, used the outline and cut it out of paper. It's has clear contact paper over the top and extending from the edges to stick it to the wall. It's a homemade sticker! And when you peel them off, no residue -- another FamilyFun idea . . .

But you can't have just one bird! You need a flock! They're a little hard to see because their bodies are mainly white with purple wings. And then one of course is taking a rest on top of the picture of the flower. I know though, I really need bigger frames and pictures. These were on a great sale at Michaels and I have no spatial sense so once I hung them I stood back and realized, they're a little small for the space. Well Megan doesn't care so they can stay until I upgrade!

Then of course the bed needed more pillows! It all has to match right? So I made Megan a pillowcase for her sleeping pillow and a few adorable throw pillows! Which she doesn't understand the concept of and keeps sleeping on with her neck at a horrible angle. But I suppose really it isn't logical -- a pillow you CAN'T sleep on. The green is a bird's next fabric I found at a quilt shop at Utah that I fell in love with and the flowers I learned to make at a Relief Society activity in Virginia!

After "staging" the pictures, I promptly had to re-dress the bear in his "I love my cousin" t-shirt (thanks Dan and Denise) and then Megan had to mess it all up. It will never look like this again!

I am very fortunate to have a daughter who understands my need to read. Of course I save the near constant reading for when Chopper is here and able to take over but I did finish The Hunger Games in about 24 hours . . .

And then I go back to being a mom. I love my girls whole-heartedly but I do get sucked into books pretty badly. Thank goodness I have no friends and no calling!

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Denise Gasser said...

Megan's room looks SO great! The tree and the birds are adorable, and so clever. And the never cease to amaze me!