Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Celebrations

No trick-or-treating for us this year.  With Halloween on Sunday and Stake Conference the whole weekend, we've resigned ourselves to simpler celebrations.

Last night we had a ward fall festival with a trunk-or-treat.  Megan was beside herself with joy over finally getting to trick-or-treat.  Chopper was a fabulous husband (please read the sarcasm intended there) and explained to her all about it a few weeks ago.  It has been on my shoulders ever since to deal with the issue of when -- still a foreign concept to Megan.  So last night, IT WAS ABOUT TIME!  Megan got through about 6 cars before she wanted to go back to Daddy.  I think the real reason was so she could sit in our car and eat her treats.  She didn't care that if she kept going she would have MORE treats.  What was in her "pumpkin basket" was just fine with her thank you.  Abby on the other hand rode the mommy hip and sucked her thumb for 2 hours straight.  I'm not sure if it's because she was hungry or tired but she was very patient through the whole night waiting to go home again.

In all honesty, with all the projects I have to complete, I didn't want to add too much Halloween to the list.  So Megan wore her flower costume from last year (that's why I don't have any great pictures of it -- well that and Megan wouldn't let me take good pictures of her for the most part) and I made Abby a cute little dress to be a witch.  The headband came from Target -- I love that place!  Actually, now that I think about it, both headbands came from Target!  Megan's was from Easter though . . . I double love that place!  But we had a good time and Mommy and Daddy are enjoying the fruits of Megan's labors (hehehe)!

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