Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Love Virginia!

We had amazing weather the past two weeks culminating in 74 degrees and clear skies on Monday. I'm not kidding that we were out in short sleeves in November! Of course the past two days have been cold and rainy but it was a beautiful spurt that we definitely took advantage of!

Last Tuesday after voting we drove out to James Madison's house Montpelier and celebrated our voting rights by learning more about the architect of the Constitution. The house is still under restoration but the grounds are very nice and the Blue Ridge Mountains were very blue!

Sunday I was so excited because Megan fits into this adorable dress I got on sale ages ago at The Children's Place (I LOVE LOVE LOVE their clothes). That's really one thing I love about having a girl (soon to be 2!!!) is that they are so fun to dress up! Of course she wouldn't really hold still until she had the apple and then she looks like she needs a cape or something to be a fairytale character!

Then Monday, the most gorgeous day of all, we went to Williamsburg, Virginia and had a wonderful time! We toured the capitol and the Governer's Mansion and wandered the town and Megan was sooooo good! I think it's because we kind've went at her pace and let her do a lot. I can't post all the pictures Chopper took -- he took a lot of architecture and things that he was just excited about how neat it was and yet all done by hand. We did not get a cheese slicer at the cheese shop if you can believe it (sorry Alicia) but we had a great time!

You can kind've see the baby bump in the picture of Megan and I -- she's growing! And kicking! Still no name -- we have a list of about 7 that we're talking about and it's still growing even so I think it will be a while before we decide.

I love Virginia and the history opportunities!!!


Alicia said...

I am so jealous of you. Here you are talking about your "baby bump" that is so small you can barely even see it. When I'm halfway done with the pregnancy people are starting to ask when I'm going to deliver and if I have twins I'm so huge! You really do look fantastic! Anyway, I'm glad you did make it to Williamsburg and you are missing out on the cheese slicer. I'm still in love with mine. And I still think it might be you that send it. :)

jamesandkista said...

Such a cutie in that dress and yes, the cape would have been perfect! You look adorable pregnant and I am so glad that you guys have been able to go sightseeing!

mickelsenfamily said...

I love love love this place! I went there for a Ricks College summer trip/studies. It was beautiful. The pictures bring back so many memories. Thanks for sharing!