Friday, July 14, 2017

Finally FIVE!!!

William knew that when we got back from our trip it would be almost time for his birthday.  And he has very patiently waited through everyone else's birthdays!!  He has created a birthday list a mile long -- he tells me when he sees something he wants that it's for his birthday -- so we were a little worried about his reaction to his presents (or lack of in his eyes).

A few days before he decided Grandma needed to be here and since she was sending him a birthday package, he needed to send her a box.  This is waiting for mailman AND Grandma to come (separately).  In Germany the mailman only comes if you have mail delivered though and they don't take the mail so I just made the box disappear . . . it had paper airplanes in it Grandma!!

When we did our grocery shopping, this boy requested strawberry cake, frosting, AND ice cream!  He goes back and forth - if he wants to be like his sisters he'll choose pink or purple.  But then the other day at a friend's house, he refused to ride the bike his size because it was pink.  So I was surprised that his cake ended up ALL pink.  I ordered some lego molds online to make chocolate legos and it worked pretty well but I just used chocolate chips so that much of that kind of chocolate in one bite wasn't that great.  They'll be great for Jell-O though!

This strawberry frosting is nasty.  Pillsbury has failed me!  It tastes like chemicals.  Even the kids ate one bite and abandoned the cake.  From here on out, all cakes get homemade frosting.  And I did kind've fail on the decorating too.  You know what?  He didn't care.  He got to blow out candles and eat cake and ice cream and OPEN PRESENTS!  That was the important part.

He had to wait until dad came home and we did it almost as soon as he did.  Look at that smile!!  I never get grins like that!

Yep.  LOTS of Legos.  And Lego sheets and some cars from the Grandmas but everything else.  EVERYTHING ELSE.  Was Legos.  And he loved it.  And he didn't cry about what he didn't get.  And we had a Lego construction party afterwards.

We sang Happy Birthday and he blew out FIVE candles.

And that was it!  Super low key, no decorations, one balloon (he picked out giant ones that said Happy Birthday on them and of the two in the package one decided to pop randomly and woke everyone up -- it was that loud!), no friends -- just us and cake and ice cream and presents and he loved every minute!!

I'm so excited he's five!!  He'll go to kindergarten this fall and he's becoming more independent although I think he's actually my most dependent child - especially when he's in a bad mood.  He becomes a slug when he's whiny.  He is still such a boy -- fascinated by cars and vehicles of all types and is really developing a love for Legos.  He wants them built as they should be at first, but eventually they fall apart and he rebuilds them into his own creations.  It's fun to see his creativity at work.  He plays a little too hard (still has the hardest head known to man) but can be so wonderfully sweet.  He really likes to cuddle and will declare "cuddle party!" and climb on you with all his bony knees and elbows digging into your soft spots.  It does NOT feel like a cuddle party but his intentions are good!  He still crawls into bed with me in the mornings and he wants me to put my arm around him.  But he only stays that way for a few minutes and then I get pummeled awake.  His speech is improving and he's learned a lot in preschool this year.  I think we'll start him in sports too to help him with his sportsmanship and because he really does want to play something!  We love him a lot!

Also, we've now been in Germany for a year!  Crazy!!

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