Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Graduation Day!

I don't like an elaborate graduation ceremony for little kids.  Not only is it really honestly pointless, but the little kids suffer from boredom.  But William's preschool did a graduation for the kids and not only was it short and sweet, but since I didn't have a younger child to keep in check, it was enjoyable!!  There's a lot of sad things about the last kid and then there's a lot of great things too!

The Pledge of Allegiance

He was in the seats facing the sun so he was pretty squinty but so cute in the cap and gown!!  They even had little tassels that said 2017 that they got to keep.  William asked me what we do with that?  I told him I don't know.

Receiving his "diploma".  But his teachers are smart -- it's just a rolled up piece of paper.  They gave us the actual "official" certificate later so it wouldn't get destroyed by sword fighting and hitting each other.

 They sang a little song about being ready for kindergarten and that was it!  Then it was time for pictures and back to the playground for playing and lunch to celebrate!

William and his fabulous teachers Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Will.  Ms. Rebecca has been there all year but they had another teacher who moved back to the states around Thanksgiving and they got Mr. Will.  This man has been awesome for William!  I think he's been a great influence and help in his behavior and helping him to love preschool.  
I think there's a picture of he and I together somewhere but maybe it's on my mom's phone.  I was there I promise!  Chopper wasn't though -- still in Miami.

At our American/Bavarian celebration!

We've had a lot of ups and downs with preschool.  It's been really good for him but he hasn't really wanted to go every day and has a hard time transitioning a lot.  The past few months I've stayed through the first few minutes of doing his name writing to help him transition.  But I'm happy to say that now he has friends and even after our two week hiatus while the family was here he was happy to go back to school and has done well.  He still throws a crying fit when he doesn't get what he wants but he mostly has good days.  Also, speech therapy has done really good for him as well.  Big improvement: he's finally saying his C's!  Cookie is no longer hookie and car is no longer har!  I think that having the routine and activity every day regularly has done a lot towards preparing him for kindergarten.  Today I told him when we left that it was his last day and now he would be going to kindergarten you could see the pull on his face between being excited about riding the bus and going to Abby and Megan's school and not being back at preschool.  We'll see what the fall brings but he's done with preschool and ready to be the class of 2030!!

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