Saturday, February 4, 2017

January's Adventures

January's adventures have been less about exploration and more about adaptation!  It's kind've nice to have Saturdays where we laze around or accomplish things at home though.  But our biggest adaptation has been to the snow!  Our sources say this has been the worst winter for this area in a few years.  If that's the case, we've been adequately prepared!  I honestly expected this area to get a lot more snow!

First major snowfall!  There hasn't been a single school cancellation but we've had several delayed starts which I think I like even better!  The roads are kept clear very well although there are issues with ice sometimes.  The schools send the kids outside everyday unless the temperature drops below a certain mark.  I love that they give them that outlet and it reminds me of my own elementary school and how much fun winter recess was!  But between days off of school for various reasons (holidays and teacher trainings) and late starts, we've had very little actual school!  I'm not complaining but William is out of the habit and doesn't want to go back now!

We had enough snow to make a great snowman.  We have not had enough snow to convince William that coats are a necessity.  However, one fall in snow with bare hands and he knows now that gloves are a necessity.  So his normal winter outfit is gloves and boots -- no coat.

 Megan decided to pose our snowman picking his nose for the picture.

I've been trying to shop more at German stores -- it actually saves me money.  I particularly love this bread dispenser at Aldi!

I had a great birthday -- a movie with friends from my ward and dessert afterwards, fantastic celebration and presents with the family, and then the next weekend a session at the Freiberg Temple with friends.  It's 2.5-3 hours away so I'm honestly now sure how often we'll get there as a couple.  There are lots of details to work out with that.  But going with a group of ladies for the first time was great.  They have a lot more snow there then we do and there was hardly anyone at the temple.  We expected to have the session in German and wear the translation headphones but they did it in English since we were pretty much it!

So far Germany has been beautiful in all it's seasons and I can't help but stop and take pictures of buildings and scenery.  Only problem is that I am NOT a photographer and can't do justice to what I'm seeing!

Our friend and art teacher from Chavez, Kelly Sutherland, has a book published and she sent a copy of the book and a plush bat to the kids!

I finally finished a quilt for Danny and Denise for Christmas -- these blocks have been sitting around for a long time!  It's a sampler (all the blocks are different) with a turquoise backing. 

If you can see the video, it's William saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  Preschool has been so good for this boy!  We're still having anger management and tantrum issues but he's learning a lot and is becoming a great artist with a lot of focus when he's creating.

Abby got her glasses!  I'm really glad that we went with a local shop.  Not only did they fit them to her face (and they're super cute), but we have 3 years of adjustments and repairs built in!  Since she's already lost them once (left them on the bus but her bus driver held on to them thank goodness!), I think we'll need that!  She wears them all the time, Chopper says her prescription is too powerful for him, but she's still getting used to taking care of them.

I waited at school 10 minutes for him to finish this picture and I wasn't allowed to look until it was done!

February has warmed up slightly (like 5 degrees) so our faces aren't falling off.  What else . . . we got our taxes done and in the process realized that they are not taking taxes out of Chopper's paychecks.  He's gotten that fixed and we were lucky enough that his income here so far was small enough and our refund covered it so we're not having to pay out of pocket.  But we'll definitely be checking that more carefully!  I've spent several days this week attached to a computer planning and booking and searching.  We've got our flights and all of our hotels scheduled for a long vacation in Great Britain this summer!!  We are both so so excited.  

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