Saturday, December 31, 2016

And that's a wrap!

I seem to blog in extremes: 100+ pictures or none at all!  And this is an almost none at all -- I do have a few!

It's been very quiet around here which has been nice and sad at the same time.  Our whole married life (14 years this year woohoo!) I think we've had more Christmases by ourselves than with family and I enjoy it but family Christmases are so wonderful!

The kids loved Christmas though -- Megan declared that Santa did awesome this year and truly, we were all a little bit spoiled.  The kids were super excited to get sleds and I honestly can say that I hope we get an opportunity to use them!  With the girls riding the bus to school, I don't feel obligated to drive in bad weather.  William is in preschool 5 days a week so a day off here and there won't hurt him.  But our winter has been pretty mild.  Looking out the window now our yard is beautifully covered in frost, but no snow.

Because Christmas Day was on Sunday, I was worried about how the kids would react to going to church.  Especially since they've been sleeping in or playing until 7:30 or 8 and we have to leave the house by 9.   I shouldn't have worried.  They were up at 6 and had plenty of time to open presents before we left.  We had a beautiful "music and the spoken word" type sacrament meeting and it left me wishing that we would go to church every Christmas day.  What a wonderful way to refocus our thoughts on what is really important!!

These 2 weeks of break have been so nice and low-key.  I took Abby to the eye doctor and she needs glasses.  She picked out a pair in purple and they should be here in about a week.  Chopper took each of the kids on an individual date and spent some great time with them.  I've sewn a lot and watched favorite movies and the kids have played beautifully together for the most part.  I'm a little sad to go back to school next Tuesday!

One of Abby's presents was a cake pop - mini cupcake - mini donut maker.  We tried it out and were happy with the results!  I think there's going to be lots of pastries in our future!

I finally let the kids dig into their gingerbread houses.  Picking off candies one by one turned into a giant smash fest.  They ate hardly anything of course and in the end there was graham cracker on every floor downstairs so they were banished while I swept and vacuumed.

We've been getting little packages from friends in Texas -- it's been so sweet and fun!  The girls art teacher sent a copy of her new book that she has illustrated and an adorable little felt bat that they've been selling with the books.  They are both wonderful!

Tonight we're going to some friends' house for pizza and fireworks and then tomorrow is a new year!!  I don't need to recap this year certainly but its definitely been something else and something amazing!  I'm really grateful that the kids have adjusted so well and are enjoying this adventure that we're on.  I'm grateful that we are safe and comfortable in our everyday small-town German life and I'm grateful for the American bubble that the military and the church provides!!

As a family we have several goals for the new year:  to become better at family spiritual things and to explore more of Europe of course!  Right now we're planning on Prague in the spring, England and Scotland in the summer, and Austria in the fall!  Then of course our Saturdays doing day trips and the occasional long weekend at various destinations in Germany.  Individually I think Chopper's goals are to lose a little weight and get his program at work flowing smoothly.  Mine of course have to do with reading and sewing but I'm also going to try to hit the language hard this year and learn as much as I can.  Megan will hopefully continue to progress with overcoming anxiety and social situations and I expect Abby's reading to really take off.  William will start kindergarten and I'm hopeful that he'll start growing out of some of the things that make me crazy!  We're looking forward to an exciting and hopeful new year!


Alicia said...

Lovely, lovely. I love your goals. Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Lovely photos and post. Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)