Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Wraps Up

This is the first fall we have had since moving to Texas -- so 6 years!!  I've always been a big fan of spring but Germany might just convert me.  It's been a beautiful fall here!
This is from the car -- they have these trees on the tank trail that are bright yellow gold and then go to orange and burnt red.  They are really beautiful and neat!

I've tried to start running again because I feel so much better when I do and these are some pictures that I took from one of those runs.  In addition to the colors, I absolutely love the fog!  It makes everything so still and lovely.

The day after Halloween is a state holiday in Bavaria and a few others.  There are a few holidays that are religious but are state holidays and All Saints Day (Nov. 1) is one of them.  I slipped into this cemetery after my run and watched people come in and out.  It's tradition not only to celebrate saints I guess but to celebrate and remember your loved ones who are gone.  They have very interesting floral arrangements for this day (I should've taken a picture and I'm glad now I didn't buy one for a centerpiece because I was going to!) and they also light candles on the graves.  I didn't stay very long because I was thinking a lot about Aaron and not being able to visit his grave.  It's interesting how even with a strong belief that his spirit has departed and his body only remains that visiting a grave would be comforting.  But it obviously is to many people.

Last Saturday we went into Sulzbach-Rosenberg just because and explored a little bit in the cold and wind.

I gave Abby my phone to take pictures and this is what she she came up with:

Apparently she got bored of the scenery and started on the selfies:

There's a lot more than this!  But what surprised me was that Megan asked what she was doing and when Abby told her Megan actually smiled for a selfie together!!

Then last night the flurries started and this morning we had snow!!  The kids are off school for parent-teacher conferences but they were in my room at 6:30 a.m. begging to go outside and play in the snow.  What was I supposed to do?

Pajamas and snow boots (they insisted) -- these poor Texas kids.  I can't wait until we get some decent snowfall!  As long as I don't have to drive in it.

Unfortunately this is what my entryway will probably look like for the next 6 months now. I've got to get a better system!

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Alicia said...

If you get any ideas for how to deal with snow clothes, please pass them on. I'm sure I will need it as well.

Also, that selfie of the girls together will be a treasure to them when they are older. I have a few pics with my little sister that are my absolute favorites.