Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy Dance!!

It's amazing the things that become noteworthy.  Certainly our travels around this country and eventually around Europe will be noteworthy, but yesterday and today we have had 2 very exciting things happen:

Our stuff is arriving!!!!!

Yesterday, Chopper went to housing to see how our house is coming along (because I'm paranoid that it will fall through and we'll be back at square one).  And he saw this:
That's our car!!!!  

Notice the chain link fence -- yep we can't actually get the thing until it passes German inspection, customs, registration, and licensing.  I'm not sure how long that will take.  Probably longer than I think it will -- but it's HERE and so that gives me hope!

Then this morning I got an email saying that our unaccompanied baggage has arrived!!  They of course want to deliver tomorrow but won't actually be able to deliver until we're in the house.  But that means that we can move in Sept. 1, have our stuff delivered that day, and have things to live with until the rest of our household goods arrive.  I'm so glad things are moving along!!!  Now to just keep our fingers crossed until September 1!!!

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