Monday, May 2, 2016

The (Mostly) Complete Story

It's no secret that Chopper has been job hunting for a while.  We like Texas, and his job has been a good one, but he's wanted to do something different for a while and advance within the government.  We've never felt like Texas would be our forever home and now, it's not!

About 2.5 weeks ago (seriously, is that all??), Chopper interviewed with, and received an offer, for a position that is taking us to Bavaria, Germany!!!  We are so so excited!!  When we first got engaged and he was in the process of joining the Air Force, we had really high hopes for seeing the world.  We got to see New Mexico.  I remember driving over the Sandia mountains and being so disappointed.  But not only did we come to love Albuquerque, the experiences and opportunities that were given to us there have literally paved the way for us to be here now.  I'm not kidding!!  It's amazing to see how things have worked for our good BOTH as a family and as individuals.  I see the hand of the Lord so strongly in our lives, even in very little things, but also in a way that I never could have anticipated.

The road ahead of us is not going to be an easy one, but it is a very exciting one and if we can just get through the mountain of paperwork, we'll be ok!

The girls are excited too (William is clueless) but do have their quiet moments of realization where they are upset about leaving their friends and everything they're comfortable with.  This place, this house, and this school is really all that they know.  And honestly, it's when I think about those things that I start to get emotional.  We've made wonderful friends everywhere we've been but Texas is where my best friends are -- the ones who have raised children with me and who have supported me (and Chopper of course) through the biggest challenge of our life to date.  Megan is comfortable here and I worry about this big change for her.  Abby adjusts a little more easily but it's still a big deal.  William -- well I'm hoping to get him potty-trained before we go so he's got a lot of upheaval ahead!

I want to make sure I document this process though -- I've begun purging and preparing the house for sale and we've applied for our passports last Monday the 25th.  Chopper has paperwork to complete before we can get an actual report date but we're anticipating the move to happen this summer.

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Alicia said...

Wow, wow, wow. What a change. I can't wait to follow along with you on your adventure overseas. You didn't say if there is an end date to this job in Germany. Is this a long term deal? I'm super curious. I lived in Stuttgart for 6 weeks as an exchange student and loved it. Wishing you luck in your moving prep...only six weeks or so till we are out of our house! Agh!