Friday, April 1, 2016

March Madness is OVER!!!!

March has felt to me like a month of hurry ups and getting things done.  There's just been a lot going on!  Now that April 1st is here (yay!) and General Conference is ready to go this weekend, I feel like I can relax and settle down a little bit.

Megan qualified for her grade level spelling bee for the 2nd year in a row.  She was very excited about it, especially having conquered her fear and participating last year.  She advanced really far this time, getting out on the word "business" (seriously?  I have to remember how to spell that one!).  She was bummed that she didn't get "amphibian" (another kid got out on that one) and that she knew all the words that the winner finally won with.  Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.  We were very proud of her again -- mostly for standing up and doing the spelling bee!!!

The girls had their 3rd quarter awards assemblies and both did very well.  They both have all 3's right now (the equivalent of all A's -- long story).  Quick story though -- Megan tried to cheat on her homework by marking the date of her reading for a day she didn't actually do.  When I explained to her why that was wrong, she responded with "but you like it when I get A's!!"  So we had our first talk about how an honest F is better than a cheating A.
Abby loves her teacher Mrs. Cain and it's her last year teaching!

We dyed about 5 dozen eggs!!  I'm able to get pullet eggs (the first egg a chicken lays so they're small) through a friend for a $1 a flat (30 eggs) so I buy a lot and even though they're small, we still never eat them all.  I need to figure out a better system but it's one of the kids' favorite things to do.
On the Saturday before Easter we went to a baptism for a friend and then with them to their neighborhood Easter party which was HUGE!  Bounce houses, train rides, treats, the Easter bunny.  It was crazy and fun.  The only one who wanted a picture with the Easter bunny was Abby of course and I've learned not to fight with the others.

Their Easter baskets always "arrive" on Saturday so that we can hopefully get the sugar through their system before church (apparently just before hit #2 because all their teachers gave them treats!).  This year they all got these amazing plush snakes that I found at Kroger for $3-4.  Why were they so cheap?  They were a holiday item on clearance after Christmas.  Snakes.  Don't know why but I'll take it. 

Then finally, FINALLY, it was Abby's birthday on Monday!!!!!  She's six!!  I looked it up one time and her birthday will actually be on Easter a few times in her life but not often.  It's nice to have it separated at least by a day though.  She opened presents after school and her face was like this: 
with pretty much every present she opened.  And she screamed a lot and was super excited.  So over the top dramatic.  It was great.  She got lots of fun toys.

Grandma sent her an all cheetah package.

Sonic was her dinner of choice and then chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries and sprinkles.  This was a last minute change from Creme Brulee -- I'm not sure why she had picked that.  She really is a chocolate girl.  She also wanted rainbow sherbert for Megan and I got chocolate ice cream just in case.  Glad I did.  Really, she is giving and thoughtful of others and wanted everyone else to enjoy her birthday too!

Right before she blew out the last of her six, star candles, she made her wish (out loud -- every year).  "I wish I could be a cheetah!!!"  Then she came to me crying a few days later when her wish hadn't come true.  Fortunately, I think a good birthday made up for it.
Six years old!!!

Abby at six is still little, although on our measurement chart she's not much smaller than Megan was at six.  I think she has a petite frame too.  She likes kindergarten but is generally tired of school -- especially the getting up in the morning part (me too!!).  She is so friendly to everyone.  When I go to school to have lunch with her, she always has a different person that she invites to eat with us.  When we have moments in the hallway (if we're late and waiting for her class to walk through), she ends up surrounded by a group of kids (mostly girls) and chatting away.  It's the cutest thing ever.  She talks to people and is so bubbly.  She also has her down moments, mostly when she's tired and we get a lot of them at dance class because it's at the end of the day.  But she likes dance otherwise.  She is still cuddly and loving and STILL sucks her thumb.  She plays well with her siblings and has a fantastic imagination.  She's learning to read but still prefers to be read to.  Her eczema with spring allergies has been bad this year and we're fighting that battle constantly right now.  She loves Shopkins -- tiny figures of things you shop for!  And My Little Pony and animals.  She is optimistic and happy and our Little Star!!!!

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