Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thanksgiving plus some

I think in the New Year that my goal will be to update the blog every Sunday.  That way I'm not playing catch up with these massive posts.

We were very fortunate to have Chopper's mom come and visit us for about 10 days at Thanksgiving!!  She's currently splitting her time between the families of two of Chopper's brothers but we were excited to have her!  On the day that we picked her up from the airport, we were able to get to the school in the afternoon to see Abby's kindergarten performance of Thanksgiving songs.
Look hard -- she's in the middle behind the teacher!!

We also took Grandma to the Arboretum of course but we had a lot of rainy weather over Thanksgiving so we stayed put a lot too.  It was our smallest Thanksgiving in a few years (which Chopper liked) -- us and Grandma and our good friends the Seals (who are really more like family anyway).  Chopper smoked the turkey again and we had a great meal.

I took a little time to update Grandma's family tree quilt.  Each leaf is a child, their spouse, and grandchildren.  We talked a lot about the great-grandchildren that are starting to happen in the Whittacre family and ultimately decided to leave them off -- mainly for space reasons.   

There's our boy finally added on!

We bought a new camera (yay!) and set it up in the backyard to take our family pictures for Christmas.  We had a few that are really good but we're sending funny ones in the mail! 


Chopper and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on December 7th!!  We still look good together!  I'm blessed to share my life with this man and I love our children.  Thirteen years has gone faster and I swear things are speeding up even more.  It seems like last week was Halloween!!!

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