Thursday, September 17, 2015

How Did This Happen????

Yesterday I picked up my t-shirt and bib for my first EVER 10K (that's 6.2 miles people) race.

Somehow over the last (about) 16 weeks, I've become a serious runner.  And I like it.


What started this?  After all, I haven't done any serious running really since high school.  SINCE HIGH SCHOOL!!  And 3 years of track (400 and 800 -- not long distances) and one year of cross-country do not a runner make.

Well, I've been struggling big time.  Fatigue and lack of motivation are the name of the game.  I've been working on getting my thyroid issues under control but still struggle.  A lot of more natural doctors, etc. say a change in diet is necessary but I HATE diet change.  Apparently more than I hate exercise.  So I started running.  Of course it helped to run a 5K glow run in February with friends and have a great time.  And it helped to run another 5K color run in May with my family and see how excited my girls were about racing (they did the one mile).  And then I remembered that my favorite place in the whole wide world -- the Dallas Arboretum of course -- hosts a race.  And then I looked it up.  And discovered their shortest distance is 10K.  And it's in September.  Which means I have to train through the summer.  A Texas summer.


It says something about the motivation of competition for me that I've done it.
I've spent a summer running in 90-100 degree weather, in the evenings (3 kids home all day with no school and Chopper leaves at 6 am.  I hate getting up in the morning more than I hate exercise) with a lot of humidity.  Running in heat and humidity feels like you're a turtle in peanut butter.
I followed a couch to 10K program and my biggest problem has been figuring out shoes.  I've had my frustrating share of aches and pains and horrific blisters but overall it's gone very well.

About two weeks back we had a burst of cooler weather and I was FAST!!  I think the race on Saturday is supposed to be warm and humid.  Blech.

Last Saturday I ran 6.75 miles and ENJOYED it.  That's a small miracle.

I am super excited to run on Saturday.  SUPER EXCITED.  Weird.

But I'm looking back now and realizing that I've become a serious runner.  Somewhere over this past summer I have developed a habit of going for a run 3 days a week and looking forward to it.  I've purchased actual running clothes (and yes, they make a difference!).  I've spent a small fortune on my feet.  This free exercise has NOT been cheap.  I've downloading a running app on my phone and tailored my music to help get me through (Taylor Swift "Shake it Off" and Sheppard "Say Geronimo" -- great for boosting you when you're tired).  

I have NOT overcome my fatigue and I have NOT lost any weight.  I've gotten leaner but my middle is still poofy.  

So it's hard to say that I actually feel better because I really don't.  But I think it's a step in the right direction and gives me some great goals to shoot for.

Last night I looked up the finishing times for last year's race and estimated where I'll be in the pack.  

You'll see me about number 600 crossing the finish line.
And I can't wait!!!

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Alicia said...

Yeah for you! I'm cheering from the sidelines!