Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School!!

Well, it's official.  I have less at home than I have at school.  Abby (despite her size) is finally in kindergarten!!

This year Megan has Mrs. Kremer for 2nd grade and Abby has Mrs. Cain for kindergarten.  I don't really know either teacher but Mrs. Cain was very good to us when Aaron died and I was very impressed by her.  A friend of mine who teaches 2nd grade says that Mrs. Kremer is loved by her kids and very funny and that is going to be good.  I'm just now learning (I'm a slow learner when it comes to parenting) that Megan's attitude and moods are almost always improved by humor.  

Sunday night, in addition to father's blessings (for William too), we took the graduation gown photos of Abby.
 She wanted to say "school" instead of cheese. 

Class of 2028!!  That's crazy!

I had her toss the hat for good measure.  Megan wanted to toss too.  We took these pictures for Megan before she started kindergarten too.  I think it's a fun way to compare to their senior year.  Both of them are just swallowed by the gown and Abby still might be when she's 18 . . . 

First day here we go!!  They girls are laying out their clothes at night so I had a chance to talk Megan out of the rainbow cheetah pants.  It didn't work and I didn't fight too hard.  Clothing is just not a battle that I'm willing to face -- they're clean and modest and weather appropriate -- that's enough for me! 

Abby found TWO pairs of boots at our stake clothing swap and she is in heaven.  None are sparkly but she loves them anyway.  Megan wore her boots today but she needs new ones as well, they're pretty torn up.

Walking to school!

I thought for sure that William would throw a fit at leaving Abby behind and not getting to stay himself.  Nope.  As soon as we drop the girls off at jump start (morning assembly), he wants to go home.  We were able to wait and walk Abby to class and she wanted me too and he didn't even care about that!!  What he cares about is coming home and watching Mighty Machines.

Yesterday I did cry after we dropped Abby off.  Not a lot of crying but there were some tears.  She's ready and they enjoy school and I like their school but it's still hard to see them go and I worry about them with friends choices.  I can't help but cry a little!!!  William and I had a productive day though -- we ran some errands and bought groceries and I cleaned the house probably for the first time in a month!!!  It wasn't weird with just one until lunch time.  William doesn't chatter on like the girls do -- he only says what he needs too -- so it's very quiet.  But hey, I could get used to this!!

Both girls came home saying they had a great day!

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