Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More Arboretum

My albums and your patience are inundated with Arboretum pictures, I know.  We always try to get in one summer visit though, hot as it is.  We got lucky last week with an overcast, sprinkly, cool (80s) morning that turned in to a downpour about 15 minutes after we left.  It was humid though so we spent the morning damp and sticky.  But we came home and did swim lessons and pizza for dinner and the girls declared it the best day ever!
Summer display -- Texas fairy tales.  

Hello who's this?  That would be my almost 3-year old!!  He's so handsome when he's not screaming or destroying things!

As you can see, Megan still "loves" to have her picture taken.

And Abby really does!!  But this is the smile she's started giving me every time.

I always ask them to do at least one hugging picture.  It gets them close together and creates the sweetest moments -- that don't last beyond 5 seconds.  This is why pictures are deceiving.  They are ordinary siblings -- fighting a good portion of the day and best friends when they're supposed to be sleeping.  Or doing chores.  Or following my directions.

I love the mushroom pictures though and they do too.  We took several this way and then we had to mix up mushroom size and kid size and take several each mixup.  I really don't think you need to be subjected to that! 

In the children's garden we found a place we actually hadn't seen before and it was cool!!!  Cave drawings, plant life cycles, and GIANT flower pots! 

This display was tons of fun -- putting the flower together from stem to stamen (isn't that what they're called?).  I took a lot of pictures of this process too.  

William has pretty much broken my camera and it isn't focusing correctly and sometimes it doesn't work at all.  This means that until we get a new one I'm relying more on my phone and I don't like that.  The camera on it isn't nearly as good and even though I carry it everywhere the pictures don't come out as good for printing copies or publishing in the blog book.  I'm hoping to get a quilt commission this summer and using the proceeds to buy a new camera!!

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